In a Vase on Monday

Just a quick, easy vase today with Spanish Bluebells and Herb Robert that I threw together using quick easy plants I had to hand.

Every spring I bring the Spanish Bluebells indoors in an attempt to stop them hybridising with my native English Bluebells. However I’ve recently discovered that my latest batch of hyacinthoides non scripta from Gee-Tee bulbs planted a couple of years ago now don’t appear to be true as they’ve come out very much like the Spanish bluebell hybrids (they have the correct light peachy stamen, but their bells are upright like these Spanish bluebells with much shorter and fatter bells). I planted some at my parent’s and that’s when I discovered the problem as I’m stood looking at them thinking they definitely don’t look like our natives. So I will have to pull them up as I don’t want them dividing. The job is much more difficult in my own garden though. However, thankfully I didn’t plant too many here and have noticed only three imposter blooms so far.

(These Spanish bluebells are growing under the privet, seeded I believe from next-door and have been there since I moved in. I cannot remove them as they’re managing to grow amongst concrete and through the paving! So instead I remove their blooms each year and hope they don’t seed further)

Spanish Bluebells and Herb Robert

And here’s what an English Bluebell looks like. Note the difference in shade, but also the length of the bells and they bloom on only one side of the stem.

English Bluebells

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16 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

    • Hi Donna,

      It’s a shame to hear you’re unable to have English bluebells. Is it too cold/snowy in winter for them to survive? I think the blue of the English Bluebells is just so beautiful. It’s a much stronger, electic blue/purple. Although I think both have their uses and can be very nice in vases and in the garden… I just prefer to have a native.

  1. How interesting about the difference – thank you for posting photos of the two different varieties. I planted English in our new garden, but the old garden is chokka with Spanish. I don’t mind the Spanish, they are quite jolly. But I hate to think of the English being usurped away.

  2. Absolutely beautiful …………..for me, one of the best arrangements you have shown.

    Cannot beat an English bluebell.
    I am still trying to rid the garden of Spanish bluebell, left by the previous owner.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I’m almost tempted to leave the few spanish bluebells I planted a few years ago.. After all I want to move, so it’s not going to be my problem soon… hopefully. But I will try to take some seedlings of my English bluebells. They’ve seeded heavily in the flint I have on the tier, so there’s plenty of babies for me to take.

  3. Are your bluebells still flowering? Mine are over now – and I didn’t think to use them in vase at all, so it was lovely to see yours. I have a soft spot for Herb Robert too – I get the occasional white one too, do you?

    • Hi Cathy,

      My bluebells are pretty much finished now yes. They’re good in vases – the spanish ones last a week or so – and of course have a nice perfume like hyacinths.

      I’ve never seen a white herb robert before?? They’re seeding everywhere in my garden… I really have to keep them in check. Perhaps I’ll have some whites pop up soon with any luck.

  4. Lovely vase, lovely bluebells in the garden. My H. non-scripta just had a few blooms on each stem this year after a couple of years with only leaves. It’s nice to see how full they can become once fully established.

    • Hi VW,

      They do take a few years before they settle down and produce a nice clump of blooms. It’s taken me probably 6 or more years before I had a nice, sizeable patch of them.

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