Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 2015

Where has the year gone??

I’m worried it’ll all be over before I ever really appreciated it has begun. I think the cool weather has thrown me a little and it feels like early May rather than June.

The garden is in full swing now with many of the roses in bloom, including some that I haven’t really seen before. Now, how could that be? Well I floored the wild shrub roses last autumn and knew there were a few hybrid tea roses hidden in there, which leads me to believe these shrub roses have been seeded by birds. I’ve only ever noticed a brilliant, scarlet red rose hiding before, but in fact there’s the scarlet red, a pinky red and a white one in there! Sadly no photos, because I was too slow and it’s rained pretty much constantly all weekend, so they will have to wait for another day (perhaps a vase on Monday post).

Instead I’ll use this post just to feature a few plants as I only recently showed wider shots of most of the garden. So instead I’ve some pretty macro shots of Aquilegias and Anemones I haven’t yet got round to showing.

A mystery plant I’ve had for a few years has finally shown its true face.
It all began 3-5 years ago, I noticed some grass-like small seedling/plants in the Aster border. The snails quickly chewed on them and I thought little else of it. Assuming they may be Gladioli as they were planted nearby. Either that or Dierama.
So each year I noticed they popped up again, and each year little happened. I remember posting photos of them when they originally appeared a few years ago.

Then fast forward to May, just before I went away in the middle of the month I noticed a flower stem and had a very nice surprise. I figured they’d bloom when I was away, such is my luck. Thankfully I was wrong, and they held on and began blooming over the past week or two.

The mother plants were removed a couple of years ago and are currently living at my parent’s house. So these must’ve seeded themselves a couple of metres away as I’ve never planted any in this particular space.

Yup kiddos, looks like I have some more Irises, Caesar’s brother to be precise! I’m really pleased with the discovery as I have missed them for the past couple of years.

After trimming back the Russian Dwarf Almond a little, it meant I have easier access to Clematis Marjorie… Only just though.

I’m loving the lime green of the fresh growth of Alchemilla next to the purple chives and small Alliums.

I haven’t yet really featured the Alliums, and to be honest these photos are a little old and many have now finished blooming… But I’m cheating and featuring them regardless.

Of course, I have to have at least one feature of these beauties.

Copyright 2015 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


8 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 2015

    • Hi,

      Thanks very much. Sadly I don’t know the name of the Aquilegias as they’re hybrids from a double in a previous garden and my own. I do much prefer the doubles and love to see them popping up in new places.

  1. Both my C. Marjorie have flowered for the first time this year and it’s my new favourite plant in the garden right now. It’s a beauty isn’t it?
    As usual wonderful photography and how lovely the Iris has finally returned to your garden – for your pleasure of course!

    • Hi Angie,

      Marjorie does seem to take a few years to get going – at least for me, but that may be due to to soil conditions – but now, she seems to really be gaining momentum and looking much nicer (what little I can see of her, as she seems to be making a break to live nextdoor instead and most of her blooms are on the other side of the fence).
      I first spotted her on a wall on lindesfarne and fell in love, I then spent a couple of years trying to find her once I moved into my house and had the space to add Clematises.

  2. You have some lovely blooms. The Clematis Marjorie is especially enchanting. Our weather is the opposite of yours–it feels much more like August than June. susie

    • Hi,

      This summer so far has been a little disappointing here… I haven’t really spent any time out in the garden yet, when normally I would spend every evening outside – usually falling asleep on the grass.

      I do hope it perks up soon so I can enjoy some much-needed outside time. It isn’t cold, as such. It just isn’t as sunny/warm as typical for this time of year.

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