In a Vase on Monday

This year the white Lupin has surpassed even last year’s show. Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that I thought it had died – last summer it suddenly seemed to die, and it was very slow showing its face this year.

As the blooms begin to go over I’ve brought them indoors to promote new blooms. Their perfume is surprisingly strong – easily smelled in the next room. I’m surprised sellers don’t make more of its perfume as a selling point??

Maybe it’s because they’re actually difficult to place in a vase. They’re super tall, and without cutting off the entire stem, the blooms end up actually in the water – of course I could use less water in the vase. Note for future. I’m not fussy though, and I feel that it’d be a waste just to throw the blooms in the bin, so I may as well take advantage and have them in the house.

Next up is Gertrude Jekyll with some Black Elder flowers. I think I ought to use the flowers more as they are very much like using Cow parsley or Ammi majus.

I’m really enjoying this combination; I think I’ll have to use it again.

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5 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. I don’t know the names of the flowers, but I love your combination with the one rose and the tine little pink flower with the green leaves. Soooo pretty,

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