In a Vase on Monday

For the first time ever I have finally had a good show of honeysuckle. I’ve also subsequently discovered they don’t last well in vases. Lesson learned, and I’ll just have to accept the fact my neighbours will stare at me with my nose deep into the blooms of plants.

I had to make use of the poppy flowers. They were so large and so abundant it seemed rude not to. Yes they are out of place in the predominantly pink front garden, do I care? No. We can’t all be perfect and everything has its place.

Please pop over to Cathy’s blog for more vase posts.

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9 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

    • Hi Donna,

      Even after squirting plant food into the vases the Honeysuckle blooms didn’t last more than a few days. Even the same day they were very much dropping and very upset.

      The Poppies are actually more of a scarlet red, but back-lit do look orange. Either way, they are out of place, but for only a few weeks a year I don’t see it as a problem.

    • Hi Pam,

      It’s always such a shame when you expect wonderful perfume and get nothing. This is how I feel about unscented roses too. Just seems such a waste of valuable space.

  1. Is that Goldflame honeysuckle? I just planted a couple of them in my yard this year, and they are wonderful! I have read that sometimes they don’t smell very strongly for some gardeners, so I’m glad mine are fragrant.

    • Hi VW,

      I believe the Honeysuckle is late dutch, whether it’s called Goldflame I don’t know. I planed it next to a yellow one as the yellow one always drops all its leaves before it blooms and I think the yellow is actually more fragrant, however both are perfumed.

  2. Love your vase. I envy you your honeysuckle. I can’t grow it in my garden. I have tried various times and various varieties but failed everytime

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