Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July 2015

If I’m honest, it doesn’t feel like much is different this month to last. But in reality, a lot has changed and there’s a definite shift in the borders, especially the ‘right border’. The Lupin has finished blooming and Geum is nearing the end of its first flush and I’ve begun to remove spent stems.

Soon it’ll also be time to cut back Astrantia hard to encourage new, fresh growth and if I’m lucky more blooms later in the year.

I’m very happy with my flower pots this year and I have been working hard to keep them in good health, which is very unusual for me. I think it might be because there’s little for me to do in the garden now as it tides over well and really I only have the odd tidying or dead-heading job to do that my attention has turned toward the pots instead.

The biggest and best surprise so far is yet to open its flowers for me… this is the first time it’s flowered and I think I must’ve had them 3+ years. Sadly the others still haven’t flowered, but they are not all the same.
Can you guess what it is? I’m hopeful it’ll bloom in the next week or two. Photos to follow once they’re open. I realise there are no photos, so really this is for those readers who have been around a while and know what may excite me so much.

Ox-eye daisy has barely any flowers this year… And to think early on in the season I thought I would have a bumper crop this year as the plant had at least doubled in size and was swamping the Aquilegia. I love Harlow Car… It’s a shame she’s so difficult to bring blooms in from because she has lots of buds on each stem which often then won’t bloom once they’re in a vase so are wasted.

Dahlias are doing well in their pots, some have enormous flowers, other tiny in comparison and finally one is so tall it towers the rest! Three little bears comes to mind! One’s blooms are almost as large as my hands. I have large hands. Larger than my boyfriend’s! Clown hands.

One of the lavender bushes has really romped away this year, definitely needs a hard cut I think… I don’t want to lose it if it becomes too open at its centre and we get snow later in the year.
The Dahlia in the bottom right looks very crimson in this photo, but it’s actually one of the really deep blood red, almost black ones. Cameras. Seriously.

Copyright 2015 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden

5 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July 2015

  1. Lovely photos of flowers! I also have a garden blog I am working on, so I very much appreciate seeing more. Where is your garden? I live in Chula Vista, CA. I recently relocated from the Ventura County area – where I started a home garden and several child care center ones….now I have my front stoop. Looking forward to how creative I can be with this new setting!

  2. Ah, large hands are excellent for playing the piano and stretching past an octave to a ninth or a tenth . . . so do you play?! Lovely photos as always. I can’t guess what you’re excited to see bloom for the first time – will have to wait for photos.

    • Hi VW,

      I’m no pianist, no. I think it would be a skill that would be nice to have, as with playing any instrument. I did pay the flute to my mid teens. I can just stretch my hand to pick up a basketball. My feet aren’t very large though; British 6/7 which I think is us 7/8. So quite average, but my brothers and father do have massive clown feet and i always assumed it was normal for men to have size 11+ feet. But apparently not. (one brother is size 13, compared to my boyfriend who is an 8.5).

      Photos of the mystery plant to come soon… First flowers have opened now.

  3. I feel I should know what us exciting you so much Liz but I’m embarrassed to admit, I can’t remember.
    Very floral, especially those Dahlias. I’ve discovered I actually quite like them despite my memories of the earwigs! . It’s a pleasure to watch the garden grow at this time of the year. As you say, there’s little to do. Hope your weekend is a good one!

    • Hi Angie,

      No problem.. it is very cryptic and unless someone has been reading for a few years I don’t think there will be many correct guesses!

      No Earwigs in my Dahlias so far, although I have found a Weevil in them! Grrrr. Perhaps this will put me off in future, but for now they’re providing lots of colour and interest for me.

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