In a Vase on Monday

This week we have a very simple, small vase with just the one sweet pea stem in it. It may only be small, but it really can fill a room with its perfume. I’m glad it isn’t too strong as I suffer from small triggered-migraines, but it is enough that I can smell it. Perhaps I’m more sensitive to smells than most people because I always have to be aware of the possibility of a migraine.

I still love them anyway.

Not to worry, other vases will have more blooms in, just this week I only had the one open.

Please pop over to Cathy’s blog for more vase posts.

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9 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

    • Hi Donna,

      I do love my sweetpeas and have them most years because their perfume is just so incredibly nice. These were just grown in pots and without any canes or training, I’ve just allowed them to flop over and grow up anything they can find. Seem fine to me.

      Good luck with any if you do try them again; they’re well worth it.

  1. This sweetpea is beautiful and the vase is lovely (I’ve got some mini milk bottles). I’ve got some sweetpeas in my ‘other’ vase at the moment and yes I can smell them around the house too. It’s a blow that you get migraines though – big sympathy. I’ve got white, aqua and purple in my vase this week – quite restful.
    love bec

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