Previous Projects

Over the years there’s been a number of projects; most of them small and only one significant where we created a complete new border from an otherwise boggy area of lawn, which as it turned out had been laid on top of thick, solid yellow clay. Little wonder the grass was always so small and sickly.

Other projects have been a case of planting up borders, or working them and adding in plenty of compost to improve the soil and then adding a number of perennials and shrubs for interest.

Some projects are ongoing and I have to continually work with them. My nemesis is the ‘Buddleja border’, so far I haven’t yet managed to crack it. Each year I come up with a new plan on what to plant to add some interest and every year I fail. In spring it’s a sunny border with plenty of sun (south-facing), then as spring moves into summer and the Buddleja takes over, it casts a lot of shade and also takes a lot of water so it becomes a dry, hot, shady area. Once the Buddleja has bloomed I then chop a lot of the branches away and once again open the border up. Tiarella and Meadow rue is not happy there, and the Astrantia didn’t seem to do so well either (hoping they come back!). Lupin, however is doing very well and maybe I will fill more of the border with Lupins.

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