Norfolk Holiday – Pensthorpe Part II

And now for the ‘green’ areas of Pensthorpe…

On the wildlife walk:

Clematis Rubens
Rubens and Wisteria
White Wisteria
A view looking back down the garden
A view over to one of the pond/lakes

Piet Oudolf’s Millennium Garden:

And that’s it!

As I said, I realise I was pushing it and have a feeling they created it to add interest in the late Summer/Autumn where the wildlife and woodland areas provide interest in the spring/early summer.
I guess it’s an excuse to go back later in the year sometime providing I have the time/money.

A woodland walk area, leading up towards the Red Squirrel enclosure:

No Red Squirrels to be seen, no surprise there as they generally hide away from 11am until evening – from my experience of them in Scotland where we have them come to feeders in the garden.

I didn’t take a great many photos of the green areas, I was mainly focused on getting the birds… Must remember for next time to take along a different lens for landscape shots! 🙂



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