Chatsworth House – Amazing Dahlias

Ok, so at the end of the last blog post I teased you all with this image:

Obviously I can hear you all screaming for me to tell you what those pretty colours are. Some of you may have also guessed from the title of the blog post what they were.

They weren’t all Dahlias, as the entire thing was bordered with Asters, but most certainly the Dahlias stole the show.

I’m no fan of Dahlias, mainly because they have to be nannied and in my garden, anything that cannot survive on its own just isn’t welcome. Ok, ok so this year I did in fact buy two Dahlias, but they were dirt cheap and also as I recently discovered; pathetic next to these beasts.

These beasts, were in fact beasts. No kidding. Seriously. Some were taller than me…I can well see now why my great grandfather apparently used to be a prized grower and obsessed with them and that I ought to follow in his footsteps – as dear old ma likes to tell me.

And the Asters surrounding them

There were creams and whites


White and lemon

Variegated cream and pink

White with pink tips

Red with white tips


Scarlet Reds

Yellow with red tips

Various shades of pink

And deep crimsons

Wider views

They were in a rainbow of colours, pretty much every single colour you could wish for – except blue, I wonder why there’s no blue and only one seemed to be even close to violet??

I had such a field-day in there taking millions of photos… This one garden must’ve taken up a few hundred photos from my total for the visit.

Copyright 2011 Liz.

All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

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