Chatsworth House

This is one of those face-palm moments; I knew Chatsworth was close but because I’ve only previously been twice and that was before I left home I didn’t realise just how close Chatsworth now is to me. It’s a mere 12 miles away which begs the question why I go all the way to Sherwood and Clumber instead which are over 20 miles 😀

I will try not to bore you all with too many images… As I know it’s very different looking at photos compared to the real thing. We only got access to the gardens; neither of us are particularly interested in looking at houses so we decided to opt only for the gardens this time.

Things started off quite nicely with some oranges in the car park

At this time of year there was relatively little to see in the gardens all except one little gem found near the maze. Most of the borders looked similar to this:

There were, as expected plenty of nice long, open views around the grounds and a very nice rock garden… I’m not talking of rock gardens as you or I may imagine with gravel and the odd sedum or saxifrage here and there but great big huge rocks! I imagine it was very nice earlier in the year but right now it’s all just greenery with a few Acers showing off their autumn dress.
There were also quite a few curiously shaped hedges/trees such as these… Must just be me with the dirty mind, then…

The rose garden sadly had very few blooms in it, but I imagine it is far more interesting during full summer, and I really loved how the roses were under planted with strawberries – I hate seeing roses with bare soil around them and only a few twigs with roses at the top. So boring.

And some pretty long views going across the rose garden

Moving into the ‘rock’ garden…

And in an attempt to illustrate just how large the Gunnera leaves were… although they were across a pond, so need to take that into account too.

I loved how these fern were growing on top of this stone

Also, there is some sort of art thing at the moment with randomly placed sculptures around the grounds for people to look at and ponder. My favourite was this lion made from strips of tyres.

I am sure some of you will be able to guess who these were most likely created by…

(Damien Hirst)

Sadly there were works on the house, as a result it was encased in a white shell…

And the back view isn’t quite as impressive

So far there had been minimal colour; that is until we found this:

And with that, I shall tease you all and leave you to speculate what was discovered in the hidden gem.

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

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