Scotland and an RSPB trip

Photos are building up; I’m yet to post photos of various trips or visits I’ve made to Sherwood and Clumber Park… Oh well.

Here’s Scotland anyway…

We stayed at New Lanark Heritage Village; we didn’t actually have time to look around the site though so I do plan to go back some time to experience it properly – and to peruse their spa facilities!

We rented a self-catering water house, which I actually booked through one of those online holiday websites and it stated that it slept 4. But when we arrived it actually slept 6 and was massive. The only thing is that it’s an up-side-down house with the living room, kitchen and bathroom upstairs and the bedrooms downstairs.

The house was as described; a water house. It sat right on the edge of a river affording lovely views. The bedrooms were somewhat dark though because just across from the houses was a steep embankment of forest and cut out much light – even with numerous, large windows.

Looking toward the houses

The afore mentioned forest can be seen in the background… These are the entrances to the water house which look more like stables.

There’s some work in the finer details of the house for them to sort out, but I guess for its price it was actually very reasonable! Being self-catering I’d expected to need sheets, towels and such but actually they were all supplied (the website is a bit crap and I couldn’t see any mention of linen). So it was basically a large hotel suite but with cooking facilities thrown in.

And as for the wedding… Well this was at Cornhill House Hotel; I was a bit stupid and didn’t take any photos of the actual property but it had cute turrets and such. At the time I was too nervous; seriously, it wasn’t even me getting married!??!

The views would’ve been much nicer had the day been clear:

And according to Pete this is the only reason to get married: A helipad. We joked that at our wedding he wanted to arrive in a submarine and then we’d depart in a Helicopter.

And here’s the dashing couple: (my photos were a bit sucky… really need to get myself a good portrait lens)

Sorry to say, but this isn’t the end of my post… you’ll be glad to know that I’ve cut out photos of the drive home… Most of the way through Scotland you couldn’t see much thanks to low clouds, fog and pouring rain.

Instead I’ll move onto photos of RSPB Old Moor, which is around 10 miles from here and an easy trip up the M1 to Rotherham/Barnsley and along a seemingly never-ending run of by-passes and roundabouts. Looks like the council were a bit hopeful for more development around there at the time!! Lol.

The autumn colours so far have been amazing:

In all, very few birds were seen, however recently there has been an Osprey around! So sad I missed it at the time, but amazing none-the-less. There were few waders, I assume they have not yet made their migration, plus it’s been extremely dry – as you’ll see later in the photos as the water level was very low.

By the visitor centre there are some feeders which normally have Bullfinches and Tree Sparrows on, sadly I saw neither on this visit although there were plenty of Greenfinches.

This youngster Magpie was being cheeky (and scaring away all the smaller birds, grrr)

I think this Greenfinch must’ve found a juicy berry of somesort

Chaffinch and Greenfinch

Water lilies on some large ponds…

Which a young Coot or Moorhen took full advantage of to walk on

There were so few birds from some of the hides that I resorted to taking scenery shots instead…

There were plenty of Dragonflies around though!

And a large mixed flock of Starlings, Pigeons, Goldfinches and Linnets

Here you can see where the water level should be as the Linnets attempt to drink

Here the flock flies with some Geese

This is some sort of Pipet sitting on the weeds that would normally be at the bottom of the water…

A few Lapwings came relatively close to one of the hides…Such pretty birds

And a ‘lifer’ for me; a little Grebe (record shot)

My second ‘lifer’, I believe is a reed bunting (record shot only)

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