Clumber Park – November 2012

With the forecast for the weekend being pleasant, I decided we’d have a last visit to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire… It’s unlikely we’ll have nice weather again to visit so I wanted to take the chance when I could. (As it happens, Pete’s decided we’ll go back on Friday if it’s nice. We’ve got a few days off for my bday).

It was a glorious day with beautiful clear skies and a pleasant warming sun; it was cooler in the shade but I went prepared with a scarf and thickish coat.

Things started out well as we arrived… this amazingly gorgeous golden tree… Oh yes, photos with my phone again. I do have camera shots too that I might post some time.
Plus there were pretty little sneaky views of the Chapel.

First stop was for a cup of tea; Pete worked an early morning yesterday so I usually try to stay in on a Sunday and give him a lie-in. However we had to set off early to get to Clumber before it was too busy. Tea and Coffee was definitely much needed. Plus they had some lovely Victoria sponge om nom nom.

Because we arrived early, it was generally quiet with relatively few screaming children… it was nice and serene…

Of course I can’t miss out a shot of the chapel… I’m pretty certain I take the exact same photos every time… I need to take a different route around the lake next time!

In all, an enjoyable couple of hours was spent in the park. Compared to our last failed attempt where we hit fog and grey skies just as we came into Worksop. Hung around for an hour and then went home.

I ought to have gone to visit my parents on the way home… we were starving though and wanted to get home, plus I’ll see them sometime during the week for my birthday… On the way home we suddenly hit traffic at a notorious cross roads on the A57… I assumed there had been an accident.
Turns out the lights were out.


Of all the junctions you don’t want the lights to be out on, it’s this one at Todwick. Yes I was shaking when I finally got out and for most of the way home. As we left, an ambulance screamed past – I wouldn’t be surprised if there had been an accident shortly after. It really is terrible.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

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