RSPB Old Moor – June

Our visit to Old Moor didn’t produce many surprises in the way of birds, but the flowers and meadows were stunning and well worth the visit!

There is a garden bird hide near the visitor centre/café which attracts quite a variety of garden birds… Sadly there weren’t many for us, but I did spot this Robin with food for its babies, there were also Bullfinches but sadly the male seemed to be suffering from mites or some other illness and his head was almost bald.
Damsel and Dragonflies were out and about; the damsels in particular were very numerous!
Also, the wild flower patch they had planted is doing well and looking nice and pretty (I imagine those Foxgloves and Delphs are not up straight any more.

I particularly loved the meadows around the reed beds and Bittern pool… It was also wonderful to see how many Orchids there were, and of course the Butteflies in the meadow… Unfortunately this shot of a blue was all I managed and as soon as I tried to move to its other side it flew away.

There were plenty of Canada Geese around, and the youngsters were still cute enough to photograph! Of course the family groups swimming in a line were also charming to watch 🙂

There were lots of Black Headed Gulls… And more… and then, a few more. The noise in this area was incredible!
I did manage to spot a few other birds, and it was a disappointment not to see the usual Lapwings, cormorants and such but I guess they must be migrants.

Thankfully, this hide was far quieter… It’s just a shame there were also so few birds! Normally this is where I always see Grey Herons; one did fly over though.

Finally on our march back to the car – marching because we were starving and ready for our picnic – we spotted these Moorhens… The babies hung around too long and allowed us to get much too close. Eventually mum or dad called and they went scampering.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

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