The Garden

The Garden

As mentioned in the ‘About’ page this blog is based in Sheffield, and to be slightly more precise just shy of 2 miles from the city centre and is therefore a suburban garden of modest proportions.

When I mention the garden I am generally speaking of the back garden unless otherwise stated; this is because the front garden is only very small and of little interest until I finally get round to completing my planned work. I also much prefer the solitude of the back and don’t like to spend any length of time in the front other than weeding or mowing the grass.

We live on a relatively steep hill, and as a result the gardens are on tiers and often the borders slope which causes quite a few difficulties and annoyances when attempting to plant them – i.e. the soil ends up eroding down with rain or when digging holes the soil rolls away. I have tried my hardest over the years to obtain plants that will provide some nice ground cover or to creep over the slopes
I have considered creating raised beds with these slopes instead by adding wood, but I am not so sure how I feel about having boxes for all the borders; however it will mean I can get nice trailing plants that will hang over the edge of these beds such as campanulas and aubrietas.

Personally I would describe the back as being a medium garden, however in comparison to others it would be deemed as being small. I think it’s a good size, certainly for being in a suburban area – others around me are even larger, especially the corner plots… Oh how I wish I had their garden!

Initially when we moved in I did wonder whether I had bitten off more than I could chew, but over the years I’ve gradually put my efforts into individual areas and tried to work on a border at a time.

Currently in the back garden we have 4 main borders that I often mention; these being:

Cherry border
Aster border
Buddleja border
Right border

There are, of course more. However they tend to merge so I don’t really refer to them as anything. In 2011 we acquired a new border after the removal of the summer house and I refer to this space as being the upper tier.

Here’s the garden in April and May 2008 when we first moved in. It would seem we had snow in April that year – not a common sight and I believe that actually it didn’t stay longer than a day.
I’m also surprised to see how low the hedge was when we first moved in! It’s hard to believe how much it grew in just a year or two.

July 2008 and I’d done some work planting in the cherry border… little did I realise that this area is actually quite shady, especially so now the hedge is much taller. I really must make a point of chopping it back so it’s shorter. My neighbours behind me are too elderly to do anything with their garden now, so I cut the hedge from our side otherwise it would be well over 10 foot by now.
The Buddleja is also so much smaller, it’s hard to believe how big it’s become. Again only in a few years! For the past three years now I’ve had to floor it completely in spring.

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

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