Magnolia Stellata

I’m afraid it’s another case of if you don’t already have one, I demand you make your way to a garden centre and pick one up for yourself, right now. G’won, shoo.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had somewhat of a love-hate relationship over the past three years with my Stellata, mainly because it hasn’t flowered for those years but finally this year it flowered again. I was beginning to resign to the fact it wouldn’t flower again and that I should remove it and find a more wildlife friendly replacement tree/shrub. Just as its days were numbered it decided to teach me a lesson!

Now, my case is a strange one, I’ve no real idea why it decided to stop flowering but I do hope we’ve turned a corner now and if you get yourself one then don’t worry, I’m sure yours will flower regularly.
I think perhaps mine suffered from not enough water in the summer, so last year I made sure I watered it a lot, but it could just be coincidence.

Did I mention yet that they have a beautiful, mellow perfume? I’m loving sticking my nose into their blooms to take in their scent. Mmmmm, wonderful. I’m a fan of understated scents, mainly because strong smells trigger migraines, so I have to be careful with what I wear, so this tree suits me perfectly.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that the weather is good for you 🙂

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.



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