Plant List 2013

I don’t have many plans to buy much more because the garden is almost full and I want to move soon… Maybe putting the house on the market some time in 2013.

Aim to buy:
Pennisetum macrourum


02.03.13 – Dobbies

2 x Rudbeckia Fulgida Deamii (Black eyed Susan)
1 x Gypsophila Pacifica
1 x Millium Effusum Aureum (Bowles Golden Grass)

03.03.13 Beth Chato
2 x Pennisetum macrourum
2 x Salvia pratensis ‘Rosea’
2 x Epimedium x rubrum

13.04.13 Westcountry Nurseries
3 x Primula Bulleyana

18.04.13 B&Q
2 x Eyrsimum ‘Bowles Mauve’
2 x Lupin Gallery Pink and Blue
1 x Tray Lobelia

20.04.13 Clumber Park
2 x Field Poppy
2 x Fritillaria Melagris
1 x Fox and Cubs
2 x Harebell
1 x White Campion
1 x Red Campion
2 x Honesty
1 x Corydalis solida

2 x Salvia Sensation Rose
2 x Cosmos
1 x Hanging Basket

David Austin The Lady’s Blush
David Austin Scarborough Fair
David Austin Charles Rennie Mackintosh

3 thoughts on “Plant List 2013

  1. I was just thinking that it might be a nice idea to add photos of your plant list so people (like me) can see what they look like as well as the name – I have no idea what a ‘fox and cubs’ is!! And you do take nice photos 🙂

    • Hi,

      It is possible for me to, yes but generally when I add them to this list I haven’t yet had them bloom so it would take a few months or more before I see them myself. If you want, you can always use the search box to find photos of any plant you’re intrigued by to see if I have made a post about them.
      Fox and Cubs hasn’t bloomed this year – will do so next year, so I don’t have any photos of it atm. It’s basically an orange, taller version of Dandelion and is also a hawkweed – same family as Dandelions.

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