Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 2014

Oh my, oh my. The year really is flying by. It’s coming up to the most exciting time of year – yes I’m a child at heart and yes I may or may not have picked up some Halloween sweets and decorations… Even if only two people see them; that’s enough for me. And, of course I’m itching to watch the Nightmare before Christmas for this first time… Squeeeeeee.

I’m in the process of trying to clear my hard drive. And when I say process, I in fact mean moving all the rubbish that’s accumulated for the past 4 years onto my new, huge external hard drive to make way for more photos, rubbish and movies I wish to download.
So really, I’m just moving it so I can forget about it without actually taking responsibility and deleting them.

Why, yes, of course I need all those hundreds of thousands of photos. Yes I do look at them every single day. Honest.

The garden is all a bit quiet at the moment. My Aster show really isn’t very good this year, with seemingly all the smaller ones having disappeared??? They are gone from the front garden, I haven’t noticed two of them in the back and so far only the Flat-topped Asters have bloomed and are now going over as they began flowering in August. I’m quite disappointed to be honest.

Otherwise, Sedums and Rudbeckias are lovely and that’s it.

Pots by the house continue to do well –with thanks to my broter for watering them when I was away – so they are actually the stars of the show right now.

Cosmos are not at all happy, and I doubt they will last much longer which is unusual as generally they continue to bloom into November and December here before a hard frost kills them off.

There are a few roses still around although sadly not enough to bring into the house for vases.

All is not lost; there’s still plenty of green and foliage interest around, so we’ve a way to go yet. Usually I do have far more to look at, so I don’t know what’s gone wrong this year.

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