Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – November 2014

I confess to having done nothing in the garden at all since October’s end of month round up, and the truth is I’m unlikely to do anything at all for a good while yet. Although I am hopeful that I might get some tidying done at some point when it becomes a little dryer.

With it being my birthday over the weekend and the rain being most typical for November, I haven’t been able to take any photos of what’s in bloom right now.

I can tell you though that Chrysanthemums and a few roses are still blooming and I need to go check out the Winter Jasmine to see if it has opened yet – one down the road from us has – I think otherwise it’s only blooms in pots near the house gracing us with their presence.
There’s still quite a lot of greenery and foliage interest, just it’s so dark and horrible I can’t bring myself to go out and spend any time in the garden.

This month I only have some macro shots of plants and until it dries I won’t be venturing further up the garden in an attempt to keep damage to our heavy clay soil at a minimum.
Lobelia are still blooming nicely and I’d even go so far to say the recent wet has perked them up a lot.

It’s that time of year where I rely heavily on Aster skeleton photos and look forward to some frosty winter shots of them.

Soon the fluffy heads will all be bare, leaving only the absolute bones.

A useful, if thuggish Campanula to have in the garden. At least it’s still blooming and will provide lush, green foliage until hit by hard weather such as prolonged snow.

Oh yes, a few days ago I noticed Erysimum was blooming – not unusual for this time of year – and then I realised I hadn’t noticed it blooming in the right border. So I’ve been trying to see whether it’s just that it’s having a lull or whether I have in fact lost a SECOND one this year. Sure enough today I popped out and it too is dead???!! Neither were fully mature plants as I’d had to replace a couple that were heavily damaged in snow and I pulled them out. So to lose 2 in one year, with no real difficult weather conditions. Not too dry but also not too wet in general.
I’m confused. And unsure whether I’m going to waste money on more. I still have a few blooming elsewhere around the garden and there are now two large holes that need filling… We will see.

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