Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – October 2014

It’s mid-October; there isn’t much left to photograph. As much as I want to deny it, it’s definitely coming to an end for another season. Over the weekend I managed some much-needed tidying and feel better for it. Although in general I do like to leave plants to die rather than chop them back, some do need some help so I remove them, and leave others which will provide interest over the coming months until spring arrives.

Last week was wet, very wet. And horrible. Almost a full week of constant rain does not make me happy. Especially as the grass has now grown again and I’m unsure if I’ll manage to get a last cut in before it’s too cold/wet. I will need at least a few days of dry, warm weather for the clay soil to dry enough to allow mowing. However, morning dew is just as beautiful as having blooms.

As is expected at this time of year blooms are more difficult to find and are often hidden or passed by as are hidden by decaying foliage.

Granted, the photos below are not of blooms as such, but with the change in colour of the Willow leaves and the red berries on Cotoneaster, they are just as valuable for interest as a flower is.

I bought some small Chrysanthemums for autumnal pots… The white really don’t cope well with all the drizzle, the red however still looks very nice.

Really all I can do at this time of year is play with back-lit plants… As the sun is lower in the sky, it makes for longer shadows and easier bokeh images.

The rain and cooler temperatures has caused quite a contrast in the garden with mushy, brown rotten mess and then next to it, wonderful fresh blooms.

And closer to the house, the pots are still going strong. I had assumed I would’ve replaced them by now, but the Dahlias really don’t seem to be even close to dying yet.

Again the contrast between fresh blooms and rotten, damaged is everywhere. The Pelargoniums really don’t like too much wet weather either and I suspect they will be finished soon for the year.

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