End of Month – September 2014

The year is running away and it’s hard to believe it’s so late now. I have mixed feelings as I always love the excitement of this time of year with Hallowe’en, Bonfire night and then the big C. But I also crave the sun and the seemingly care-free summer months.

It’s slim pickings this month; I have so few photos to pick from that I’ve barely scraped together anything for this post. I believe things have gone over much earlier this year and I haven’t spent much time at all in the garden this month.

There’s little change in the front garden and that pesky Foxglove is still there and needs pulling out. I’ve shaken it around to spread its seed in the border but just haven’t yet quite got around to pulling it out… Not entirely sure why.

The border under the window continues to look good and I have one lovely little bud on the anemones. Yay. One. Honestly, I’m giving up on them. I’ve bought at least 10 over the years and haven’t even managed 10 blooms.
At least the Garrya nearby is going to have a lovely show this year.

Onto the back garden the Rudbeckias are the main feature in the right border at the moment and is joined by a few blooms on rose Harlow Carr (not shown).

It’s the time of year where I spot the plants which ‘die well’ and those which, well… I’d rather hide. Sanguisorba is one of them (bottom left of the left-most photo below).

The second is the Veronicastrum – centre. Which actually looks ok right now, but I know it won’t be long before it’s just a horrible, black, rotten mess.

This weekend I plan a trip to the tip to get rid of a fair amount of garden waste – mainly Buddleja and I hope to get in a little more tidying so I don’t have to make numerous trips… Over the last few months it’s felt like I’ve lived at the tip and my car is full of debris and spiders. Lovely. So it would be nice to vacuum it knowing that’s the last of the mess – for a while at least.
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