Sherwood Forest

We had a nice little day out at Sherwood on Thursday, currently the car park is free but from April 1st you have to pay… So I wanted to get a visit in before we would be charged.

I’d expected to see more growth as it’s a little further south than us, but it looks like the trees are pretty much the same – Hawthorn and Elder beginning to leaf up but little else happening.

The bare landscape is interesting in its own right, especially because it allows you to see the bones of the trees, the interesting knobbles and twists, of which there are many in Sherwood Forest.

There’s also plenty of broken branches, especially so after the heavy snow this winter.
Hawthorn, I love new Hawthorn leaves the most.
One of many piles of logs/branches, the keepers must have plenty of work at the moment!
Some interestingly twisted branches
Knobbly tree!
Pete did well with the Bird spotting, and spied numerous Treecreepers!
And the Major Oak, the tree famous for Robin Hood and urm… All that.
It has supports, I guess it’s too important for them to lose!
The tree It has amazing branches, I love how voluptuous they are…
A very knobbly tree!

For years the visitor centre has been run-down. I remember going as a child and thinking it was shockingly awful and needed updating. As a result I haven’t been since then, I must’ve been 10 or 11 at the time.
When we first visited back in January it was just as bad as back then. I popped to the bathroom and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a public toilet as bad.
Thankfully they seem to be renovating, and I hope everything is much better, and in future I might actually suggest Sherwood as somewhere to visit, because for the past 18 years I’ve always told people not to bother.

Pete had a go at being arty with the camera… This is an old, rather ugly statue of Robin and Little John battling it out… See what I mean about it being in serious need of modernising? I wonder if these will see a lick of paint? Or perhaps a complete new statue, because these are just scary.

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