Pensthorpe – Norfolk May ‘11

On first entry to Pensthorpe there are always lots of Sparrows hanging around the café… some had fledged already and allowed for some photos – most were rubbish – so we’ll stick purely to mum who posed very nicely in front of me…

There are some enclosures at pensthorpe which contain the rarer birds such as Avocets, Bearded Tits and Ruffs… The light in these enclosures are never very good, so the ISO has to be cranked up which is a bit of a shame.

Unsure… Ruff? Godwit?

Bearded tit; this year the photos are not so good, the early spring allowed the babies to fledge a few weeks earlier so they were all out of reach for good shots.

Moving on from the enclosure is my favourite garden at Pensthorpe. When we visit it’s always looking amazing and has so many blooms I’d love to have.

There’s a stream running down the centre which always has a pair of Mandarin Ducks on it… Makes them even more majestic than they already are!

Coming out of this garden and you’re into the main reserve, this I believe is a young border and I look forward to seeing it as it matures more.

Regardless of the absolutely dreadful winter, this year the famous Oudolf Millennium garden at Pensthorpe was way more developed. I think it’s because the heavy snow arrived early on in November and December, compared to the winter before where the heavy snow arrived in late December, January and even into February. This delayed all the plants in my garden and it seems to have been a similar situation at Pensthorpe in 2010.

Although the Millennium garden wasn’t mature and blooming, we could easily see that given a month or so it would’ve been spectacular and I really need to make an effort to visit later in the year. After all, Piet is known for his late summer and autumn planting, so I can’t really be disappointed that things aren’t quite ready in May.

I loved this combination… Must try it for myself!

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

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